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A Dedicated And Diligent Personal Injury Legal Team

In one split second, a sudden and catastrophic accident can occur, representing a life-changing tragedy for both you and those closest to you. Frustration sets in, particularly when you discover that the accident was preventable and caused by negligence.

Our lawyer team at Fuller Wallner, Attorneys at Law, will devote countless hours to seeking compensation for this injustice on your behalf. From our office in Bemidji, we help residents throughout Minnesota who are experiencing the serious consequences that follow an accident. First and foremost, your focus is to recover. That requires doctor appointments and possible surgeries. While you get better, we get to work in building a strong personal injury claim.

Offering Skilled Guidance For Any Injury

Specific areas of our personal injury practice include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents – While cars and trucks are becoming more technically sophisticated, those innovations have created even more distractions that lead to countless collisions.
  • Product liability – Companies who lack high standards in the products they produce can injure countless consumers who are unaware of the severe, if not deadly dangers.
  • Serious Injury and Wrongful Death – Catastrophic incidents can result in significant injuries or untimely death, impacting individuals and their families profoundly.
  • Medical Negligence – Cases of medical malpractice arise when healthcare professionals do not meet the expected standard of care, leading to misdiagnoses, surgical errors, birth injuries, and more.
  • Agricultural Accidents – The agricultural sector contains inherent risks, including accidents with heavy machinery and exposure to harmful substances.
  • Semi Truck Accidents – Accidents involving semi trucks can be particularly severe due to the vehicles’ large size and mass, often leading to serious injuries or fatalities.
  • Recreational Accidents – Injuries sustained during recreational activities can occur in various settings, such as playgrounds, sports fields, or vacation resorts.
  • Boats/ATV/Snowmobile Accidents – The use of boats, ATVs, and snowmobiles carries risks, especially given the potential for accidents in remote areas.
  • Animal attacks – Unrestrained pets, specifically dogs and other larger animals can lead to both physical and psychological trauma.
  • Brain Injury – Traumatic brain injuries can alter a person’s life dramatically, affecting cognitive functions, physical abilities, and emotional health.

Our lawyers also can help with wrongful death claims. Perhaps the most traumatic of personal injury categories, the preventable loss of a loved one requires justice for surviving family members.

Here When You Need Aggressive Advocacy

While our clients recover from devastating events, our legal team at Fuller Wallner, Attorneys at Law, will get to work on building a strong and compelling personal injury case. From filing an insurance claim to securing the medical help you need, we remain at your side, maximizing compensation so you can move on with an admittedly more challenging chapter in your life.

  • Filing an insurance claim
  • Determining liability
  • Benefits available for victims
  • Getting medical attention

Contact Fuller Wallner, Attorneys at Law

If you or a loved one was injured due to carelessness or outright negligence, contact our Bemidji-based law office. In addition to the area residents who come to us, we are also capable of representing Minnesotans throughout the state. Call us at 218-203-9710 or reach out to us online.